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Sound Equipment Permit Application

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  2. Sound Equipment Permit

    City Clerk's office

    City Hall, 2nd Floor

    Katie Music, City Clerk

    400 Washington Street

    Burlington, Iowa 52601

    Questions? (319) 753-8124

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  5. Your electronic signature below indicates your agreement with the following statements: By typing my name in the following box and clicking the submit button I certify the above statements to be true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
  6. ** The event will be allowed as long as there are no complaints. **
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    Adam Schaefer, Police Chief

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  9. This permit is issued on the express condition that the activity shall conform in all respects to the statements certified to in the application for such permit, and that such activity shall take place in accordance with the Noise Ordinance of Burlington, Iowa and all other Ordinances of the City of Burlington and the State of Iowa.
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    Katie Music, CMC, City Clerk

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  12. ** Must submit application to City Clerk's office one week prior to event for consideration. **
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