How do I dispose of wood waste, like twigs and branches?
Wood waste like limbs and branches no larger than 8" in diameter, may be disposed of free of charge at the Des Moines County Regional Landfill by Burlington residents who are customers of City trash service. You must show the landfill scale house a current statement from the Burlington Municipal Waterworks with Account Information that shows the line item “TRASH”. Wood waste is otherwise accepted at the landfill for $24 per ton, or approximately a penny per pound. If you don't have a current statement, you may obtain one from the Waterworks Office at 500 North 3rd.

Please don’t confuse the term “wood waste” with demolition material. The term “wood waste” in this application refers to shrubs free of dirt, woody vines, prunings from shrubs and trees, twigs, branches, and limbs no larger than 8" in diameter. Logs, stumps and root balls are considered to be demolition material, as those items are too large for the chipper.

All loads delivered to the landfill must be secured to prevent litter along the road. In most cases, this will require a tarp. Unsecured loads are charged a $10 surcharge. Wood waste must be transported to the landfill separate from all types of waste, including other types of yard waste, so it can be weighed at the scale house.

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