What other factors influenced the design?

Security and safety: By state code, all new fire stations must include a storm shelter. The station will be constructed with durable materials that will withstand storms. A less structurally sound building, such as one constructed from prefabricated metal, is more susceptible to storm damage, potentially hindering emergency responses when they may be needed most.

Training: The structure of the new building includes a mezzanine level in the apparatus bay that will allow for training simulations.   

Energy efficiency: The new building is designed to utilize natural light. It will also have a tight exterior envelope that will reduce air leaks. Both of these factors will reduce energy costs. 

Attracting talent: Attracting and retaining talented firefighters is easier when the city demonstrates an investment in the department by providing a space they are proud to work in. There is also a real cost associated with staff turnover when we lose firefighters to neighboring departments.

Aesthetics:  When our architects asked us what we wanted the station to look like, we told them we wanted a building that represents and is a reflection of the Burlington Fire Department’s stellar service. We want this building to demonstrate the pride we have in our city, its residents, and our public servants. We hope it will set an example for future development in the area and the city overall.

Firefighter health:  According to the National Fire Prevention Association, cancer, and cardiac arrest are the leading killers of firefighters. The new fire station is designed with the health and wellness of our firefighters in mind. Burlington has a full-time fire department, which means our firefighters live in our stations. The new station needs to be a place where they can relax and recharge between calls. It is challenging to control sound in metal buildings, which affects the firefighter’s sleep. 

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1. Why do we need a new fire station?
2. How did you select the proposed site?
3. Did you consider other sites?
4. Did you choose the proposed location to benefit West Burlington?
5. How much is this going to cost?
6. Will my property taxes go up?
7. Did you consider cheaper options?
8. What other factors influenced the design?
9. When will the new station be completed?
10. What happens if the projects go over budget?
11. Who do I contact if I have questions about the project?