How much is this going to cost?

The estimated cost is $8,006,250. This cost includes both the new 10,600-square-foot station and a fire training tower. Cost estimates for the new station are around $7,000,000. The city plans to use general obligation bonds as the primary funding source to pay for the cost of the station. Because a bond is repaid using property tax levy funds, 60% of voters would need to approve the question on the ballot on November 7 in order for the city to be able to take on the debt to build the new station.

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1. Why do we need a new fire station?
2. How did you select the proposed site?
3. Did you consider other sites?
4. Did you choose the proposed location to benefit West Burlington?
5. How much is this going to cost?
6. Will my property taxes go up?
7. Did you consider cheaper options?
8. What other factors influenced the design?
9. When will the new station be completed?
10. What happens if the projects go over budget?
11. Who do I contact if I have questions about the project?