There is a dead animal in my yard. Who can I call?

The Solid Waste Department is the "go to" department to get a dead animal removed, BUT they generally DO NOT enter private property to pick up a dead animal; the animal must be in the City Right Of Way (typically in the street, along the curb or in the area between the sidewalk and the back of the curb).  In cooler weather or winter, City trash customers may, using a shovel or pair of rubber gloves, place a small dead animal into a tight-closing plastic garbage bag and place the bag in their trash cart for collection with their normal trash; doing so is acceptable and is by far the most efficient way to deal with a small dead animal, gag reflex notwithstanding.  If the citizen does not wish to deal with the issue, and the animal is in City ROW, whether a deer, raccoon, whistle pig, dog, polecat, opossum, rabbit or other creature, the Solid Waste Department will send a truck to collect the animal during their normal working hours.  Call with details 319-753-8114.

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