If I want to throw away furniture infested with bed bugs, will the Solid Waste crew take it?

Speaking to pest control professionals about your infestation is critical.  Disposal of furniture after professional treatment may not be necessary and can be expensive to replace.  There are mattress and box spring encasements specifically designed to help control bed bug problems.   In answer to the question, yes, but only if properly prepared and tagged.  The item must be enclosed in heavy-duty plastic sheeting such as a tarp or shrink wrap (rolls of shrink wrap are generally available at stores like Wal-Mart, Menards, Lowes, etc).  All seams must be taped using duct or box tape.  This should be done inside the house BEFORE moving items and placed at collection point as near the time is to be collected as possible.   Attach a sign or label "Bed Bugs- Do Not Take" to discourage scavengers and prevent spread of infestation.  Trash Tags may be required; call and leave a message on the Solid Waste Information line 319-753-8114 or send email to wasterus@burlingtoniowa.org.  

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