Renewable Energy Committee

The Burlington Renewable Energy and Conservation Committee is made up of 7 to 9 appointed volunteers that are committed to furthering sustainability efforts in the City of Burlington. Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8:30 am in City Hall Council Chambers. Volunteers all have different backgrounds but work towards the same mission: promote energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources throughout the city. 

Chapter 37 of City Code (PDF) establishes and outlines the role this committee plays in the City of Burlington. 

Renewable Energy Committee Members

  • Jerry Parks 
  • Dick Hoisington 
  • DiAnne Lerud-Chubb
  • Jeff Lionberger
  • Dan Wischmeier
  • Molly Standard
  • Tracy Dunn
  • David Ure
  • City Council Representative Kay Weiss

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Programs and Resources

Green Iowa Americorps

The Renewable Energy Committee worked to bring the Green Iowa Americorps Program to the Burlington area. This slideshow gives a brief overview of their mission and the work they are doing in Burlington.

Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

Getting a $7,500 tax credit for an electric car will soon get a lot easier - NPR - October 6, 2023