Community Engagement Unit


The Burlington Police Department is pleased to announce the implementation of a newly formed Community Engagement Unit (CEU). CEU will serve as a community relations unit, forging partnerships with our residential and commercial sectors. The CEU will organize programs and activities that help build positive relationships between department members and the community while providing community members with an improved understanding of departmental operations.

The CEU will collaborate with community groups, department members, and other community resources to identify and solve public safety problems within the community. The CEU will work to develop patrol deployment plans which will allow officers to partake in problem-solving activities in conjunction with our citizens.

The CEU will collaborate with the School Resource Program, Problem-Oriented Policing Unit, K-9 program, and other specialty programs such as neighborhood watch, crime stoppers, the citizen's police academy, and other community-based organizations as deemed necessary to enhance community relations.  

Sergeant Chad Zahn has been selected to oversee the CEU and can be contacted at (319) 753-8365 or