If I Were Mayor... Essay Contest

2023/2024 Essay Contest

The City of Burlington is hosting the Iowa League of Cities "If I were mayor" essay contest, giving local 7th grade students a chance to answer that question. Students need to write a submit an essay online by Monday, December 4, 2023 to be considered. The City of Burlington will consider each essay submitted and choose a local winner to represent Burlington in the statewide contest with  a chance to receive scholarships worth $250 for our congressional district winner and $500 for the state winner! 

Essay Rules:

  1. Each entry must contain the student's name, home address, telephone number and teacher's name.
  2. Minimum of 250 word and not to exceed one page.
  3. Essays must address the subject and begin with "If I were mayor, I would..."
  4. Only one essay may be submitted per student.
  5. Essays will be judged based on the following: creativity, clarity, sincerity of thought and proper use of grammar.
  6. Essays must be received by Monday, December 4, 2023 to be considered. Local winners will be notified once the judging process is complete.
  7. The City of Burlington will retain the right to submit the winning essay on to the Iowa League of Cities for consideration in the statewide contest.

Submit your essay

Learn more about the Iowa League of Cities and their contest at: https://iowaleague.org/awards/if-i-were-mayor/

Former Essay Winners:

2022 Essay Winner - Ava Fruehling, Notre Dame School
2021 Essay Winner - Dresden Fishback, Edward Stone Middle School
2020 Essay Winner - Elise Henry, Notre Dame School
2019 Essay Winner - Will Woodard, Notre Dame School
2018 Essay Winner - Jenna Knudson, Notre Dame School
2017 Essay Winner - Gabriella Deery, Notre Dame School **Statewide Iowa Winner**
2016 Essay Winner - Maddy Drew, Notre Dame School
2016 Essay Winner - Brock Dengler, Aldo Leopold
2015 Essay Winner - Catherine Walsh, Notre Dame School

Mayor Essay Contest