City Owned Properties For Sale

The City of Burlington acquires properties through various means and sells these properties to the public at City Council meetings. Certain conditions apply to each property sold. Please contact the Community Development Department for questions on the properties listed for sale and the sale process. 

Conditions of Sale: All improvements (rehab construction) shall be initiated within 60 days and completed within 180 days of approval of the sale by the City Council; with new construction to begin within 180 days of approval. An extension of 180 days may be granted if significant progress is made. Failure to meet time frame may result in forfeiture of purchase. New construction and rehab shall be subject to review, approval, and inspection of structure for all required permits and codes. All adjacent lots shall be combined as required within thirty (30) days of sale with the County Assessor’s Office. Other conditions may apply. Property transfer shall be by Quit Claim Deed and may occur upon substantial completion of renovation of the property; as required. Contact the Development Department for additional questions and conditions of the property sale.

Placing a Bid for City-Owned Property:

  • City Owned Property Bid Form must be filled out prior to start time of the meeting.
  • Form able to be filled out anytime from time property is listed until start time of meeting, you are able to fill out a form when you arrive for the meeting.
  • Property will be sold auction-style to the highest bidder.
  • Bid form will provide contact information and name to be added to the deed in the event your bid was awarded.

Minimum Recommended Bid on Legal Lot of Record / Existing Building: $500

Full payment shall be made within thirty (30) days of sale, unless otherwise approved by the City; with 10% ($500 minimum, depending on purchase price) due upon sale of property.

  • List subject to change – check with Development Department to see if this is current.
  • Private acquisition based on requirements for sale of City-owned property.
  • Property transfer by Quit Claim Deed. 
  • Properties are sold at City Council meetings (5:30 PM, City Hall, 400 Washington Street), in an auction-type setting, where bids may be increased.
  • Properties below with dates behind them are scheduled to be sold on that date.

City-owned Property - For Sale:

City-owned Commercial Space - For Lease:

City-owned Vacant Lots - For Sale:

Sold Properties

Fill out and return a Bid Form (PDF) or Contact the Development Department if interested in a City-owned property.

  1. Larry Caston

    Chief Building Inspector

  2. Ross Allsup

    Building Inspector