Fireworks and Burning Regulations in City Limits

Fireworks Regulations

Consumer Fireworks

City code section 51.12 provides that the use consumer fireworks is not allowed in city limits. It is illegal to shoot off fireworks in Burlington. 

  • It is illegal to use any fireworks in Burlington city limits, with the exception of displays handled by insured operators and approved by the Fire Marshal.
  • Violators are held responsible for any damages caused including but not limited to structures, others involved and personal property. Violators could also be subjected to a citation as well as any associated fines up to $750.00

Novelty Fireworks

Novelty fireworks such as sparklers, snakes and snaps remain legal for use.

Vendor Sales of Fireworks

State of Iowa Code 727.2 allows the sale of consumer fireworks by approved vendors from June 1 - July 8 annually but also allows cities to apply limitations to control use with a city ordinance. The City of Burlington has limitations on use as outlined in section 51.12. You are legally allowed to purchase fireworks as allowed by the state but not allowed to USE fireworks in the city.

Approved Firework Displays Locally

The Fire Marshal has approved permits on file for the following events for citizens to enjoy fireworks displays safely:

  • July 1 - Cascade Boat Club
  • July 3 - Community Field Following the Bees Game
  • July 4 - Burlington Golf Club
  • July 4 - West Burlington Days
  • July 8 - SEI Symphony (Crapo Park Bandshell)
  • July 28 - Community Field Following the Bees Game
  • August 5 - Community Field Following the Bees Game

**Shows normally begin at dusk, check individual event pages for more details**

Reporting Fireworks Usage/Concerns

  • Call the police non-emergency line at 319-671-7001 for reports of neighborhood fireworks use.
  • Provide the location and any additional information you may have regarding the incident.
  • Police will triage the calls and provide response as officers are available.
    • The City received 209 fireworks complaints in 2021 and 126 calls in 2022.

ONLY dial 911 for emergencies, non-emergent calls take resources away from emergency situations.

Additional Resources:

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City Code Section 51.12
State Code Section 727.2