Request Open Records




The purpose of this policy is to fix fees for public examination and photocopying.  Examination and copying of public records is governed by Chapter 22 of the Iowa Code.  Every person or entity has the right to come to City Hall or any City building and inspect a public record or request copies of a public document.  Public records include written documents and data stored electronically.  If a person presents himself or herself and requests to see or copy a record, that person should be directed to the custodian of that record.  The custodian is the person either in control or actual physical possession of the document.


The persons holding the following positions are hereby delegated with the responsibility for implementing the requirements of Chapter 22 with respect to records maintained in their respective departments and divisions: 

City Manager - City Manager's Office
City Clerk - City Clerk's Office
Attorney - Attorney's Office
Administrative Services Director - Human Resources, Finance and Human Rights
Fire Chief - Fire Department
Police Chief - Police Department
Parks and Development Director - Parks, Development, Zoning and Inspections
Library Director - Library
Public Works Director - Public Works Department
WWTF Director - Wastewater Treatment Facility


  1. This policy is not intended to preclude verbal responses to routine requests for information.
  2. This policy applies to all municipal records except requests for Police Department reports, medical and fire reports, and fire investigation reports, which are subject to separate policies.
  3. If the number of photocopies does not exceed twenty-five (25) pages, or if staff time for responding to the request does not exceed thirty (30) minutes, the following fee schedule shall apply.
    • Fees for photocopies or for scanning records: $.20 per page for black and white copies and $1.00 per page for color copies (if possible).
    • Fee for records provided on a CD is $10.00.
    • Fee for a recording of a City Council meeting on a DVD is $5.00
  4. If the number of pages to be copied exceeds twenty-five (25) pages, or if the staff involved in providing the records exceeds thirty (30) minutes, the following additional fee schedule shall apply:
    • Hourly rate for clerical time needed to make photocopies or copying to a CD -$24.00 (pro-rated to the nearest  15 (fifteen) minutes).
  5. The person requesting the information shall be provided a bill, which shall be paid before the photocopies will be released. If the cost of responding to a request is estimated to exceed $10.00, the person requesting the records will be provided with an estimate of costs, which the person will need to agree to pay prior to the copies being made. If the costs of responding to a requests exceeds $50.00, the person requesting the records will need to pay the estimated costs prior to the copies being made.
  6. The custodian of the requested records will attempt to fill record requests in a timely manner, not to exceed 14 (fourteen) working days, unless an issue arising concerning the disclosure or records exempt from Chapter 22. These records include, but are not limited to: library patron records, medical records, personnel or employee-related files, documents concerning litigation or claims, and /or names and addresses of complainants.
  7. All open records requests that are responded to by electronic media shall be provided in a format (PDF) that prevents the document from being altered.

Use this link to submit a Request Form to Examine or Copy Records.