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Tax Abatement Programs

Tax abatement is a reduction in the property taxes which would otherwise be payable on the actual value added to a property due to qualified improvement. The reduction only applies to the additional taxes resulting from the increase in assessed value of the property due to the improvement. Under urban revitalization the taxes relating to the assessed value of the property prior to the improvement cannot be reduced and will continue unabated.

How do I apply for tax abatement? Applications must be completed by the homeowner. Application forms (PDF) may be obtained here.

Downtown Housing Grant Program

The newly created Downtown Housing Grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority provides  financial assistance for projects supporting local downtown revitalization through new and renovated housing opportunities. This funding invests in building rehabilitation projects to increase local upper floor housing options. Projects creating or improving under 10 housing units are eligible for $100,000 to $300,000 while projects creating 10 plus units are eligible for $100,000 to $600,000. The City must be the applicant.  Please complete and submit information as listed in the Downtown Housing Grant: Pre-Application to City of Burlington if you are interested in this program.  Pre-application is due to the City by Tuesday, November 30th.