Licenses and Permits

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Licenses & Permits

The following licenses and permits are issued by the City Clerk's office.

Contact the City Clerk's office for more information on the following permits and licenses or if you have a question regarding a license or permit.

** You MUST apply for a license or permit before paying for it. **

Questions? Call 319-753-8124

Permit / License
City Code
Liquor, Wine or Beer License
Cigarette Permit
Chapter 121
Dumpster Permit
Chapter 52.07
Sound Equipment Permit
Peddlers, Solicitors, Mobile Food Vendors & Transient Merchant License
Chapter 122
Application (PDF)
Religious and Charitable Organizations License
Chapter 122.18
Application (PDF)
Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire License
Chapter 126
Application (PDF)
Tree Service Business
Chapter 128
Application (PDF)
Pawnbroker (Pawn Shop) License
Chapter 129
Application (PDF)
Auctioneer License
Chapter 130
Application (PDF)