City Clerk

  • Issues various municipal licenses and permits.
  • Maintains the City Municipal Code.
  • Notary Services.
  • Performs Election Duties as Required by the Code of Iowa.
  • Process Requests for Public Records.
  • Publication of Legal Notices as Required by Law.
  • Receives and Opens Official Bids of the City.
  • Attends City Council Meetings.
  • Preparation of the City Council agendas for Work Session and City Council Meetings.
  • Archival of City Council Official Proceedings, Ordinances and Resolutions.
  • Archival of Contacts and Agreements, Development Agreements and Leases.
  • Serves as Clerk to the Civil Service Commission, maintaining a record of its proceedings and actions as required by law.
  • Oaths of Office for City Council, Civil Service Commission, Police Department and Fire Department.
  • Receives all petitions filed by citizens.
  • Processes and maintains vehicle licensing for all City vehicles.
  • Prepares for publication the City claims, receipts of funds, payroll and disbursement of funds as required by law.
  • File and remove liens on properties in accordance with State law.
  • The City Clerk's office is responsible for maintaining all public records, which consists of storage, retention and scanning of official records. The office of the City Clerk is also responsible for various licenses and permits.

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