Solid Waste

The Waste Paper (PDF)

Annual newsletter providing the Holiday trash schedule, the leaf pick up schedule and more information regarding Solid Waste.

Trash Cart Program FAQs (PDF)

One (1) roll-out trash cart is now provided to each residence eligible for the Solid Waste Services provided by the City of Burlington. The "TRASH" fee you pay on your water bill is based on the size of cart provided. You must use the City supplied cart in order for your trash to be collected. Carts may be seen at the Wastewater Plant. The Plant is located on the riverfront, east of South St.

Monthly Fee and Cart Sizes:

  • 35 Gallon - $14.25 a month/$42.75 a quarter
  • 65 Gallon - $17.50 a month/$52.50 a quarter
  • 95 Gallon - $20.75 a month/$62.25 a quarter
  • Extra 65 Gallon Cart - $8.00 more a month or $24.00 a quarter
  • Extra 95 Gallon Cart - $12.00 more a month or $36.00 a quarter

Note: The above fees already include $3.85/mo. for the recycling program.

If you wish to exchange your cart size there will be a $35.00 exchange fee unless you have just moved to Burlington or just moved to a different residence; if that is the case, the exchange fee may be waived.


  • The cart is the property of the City of Burlington.  
  • All household garbage must be in leak proof garbage bags when placed inside the cart.
  • Cart must be out at the collection point by 7AM on your collection day.
  • Cart is to be placed within 3ft. of the curb or alley.
  • Lid must be FULLY CLOSED or the cart may be left un-emptied with a violation tag.
  • Extra trash to be in a free standing 33 gal. garbage bag with Trash Tag attached to be collected.
  • If you are regularly using a Trash Tag for extra garbage, consider a larger cart or an additional cart; it may be cheaper than regularly buying trash tags.
  • Do not place trash cart on top of a wall or stairwell; it must be on the ground.
  • Do not block access to carts with vehicles, trailers, boats etc. or put inside a structure or behind a fence that hinders direct access from road to cart.
  • Carts must be free standing and free of lashings, chains, bungee cords, rocks and bricks.
  • For better efficiency in alleys, when practical, please position your cart in a location across from the neighbor's cart on the other side of the alley (one stop, two carts emptied, fewest number of steps means less time, more efficient).
  • The home owner/resident is responsible for cleaning the cart.
  • You may apply adhesive house numbers and letters centrally located on top of the lid of your cart (no paint or markers).
  • During heavy snow events, please make sure your cart is not placed behind snow banks. During these times, please place your cart at the end of your drive way or apron or along the travel lane where you have cleared the snow.


Trash Route Map (PDF)